Bowling team wraps up season strong

by Michael Munoz

The 2016-17 bowling team has wrapped up its season with a strong year. The boys team had a third place finish at the state qualifying meet, while the girls team finished in fifth place at state qualifying. The top six bowlers from both the girls team and guys team competed for State on Feb. 14 in Pleasant Hill. “Both squads were pretty consistent all season with a couple of highs and a couple of lows to average things out. I believe that was pretty good for our squad this season,” said coach Rod Blunck.

Senior Morgan Van Maanen at bowling practice. Van Maanen also competed at the state qualifying meet.

During the season both teams beat Bondurant-Farrrar and the girls also defeated Pella Community. Although the team gained a lot of new members this year, the team also had a good number of seniors, some of whom were certainly a dominant force on the team. “We’ll be graduating 13 seniors this season. There are a lot of kids in the lower three grades to fill those spots though, and if we get a few freshmen next year, we can keep our numbers up,” said Blunck.

A larger team that in the past brought a lot more fun to the team, with around 40 bowlers participating. “I kind of liked the bigger team a little bit better. It’s a little more fun with more people,” said junior Alex Veenstra.

While many of the new members are still working on their bowling skills, some of them are already presenting their polished skills to the team. “Sean (Roose, a junior) is in his first year of bowling and he’s really good,” explained Veenstra. “Much better than me, and I’ve been bowling for a long time.”

Blunck also sees room for improvement. “We really need to work on a consistent delivery,” he said. “We also need to focus on spare conversion. We could have easily improved by 200 pins per meet if we had converted more of our spare shots.”

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