Submit senior photo

Deadline: The deadline for 2017 senior photos is past.  We have you all!  Thank you!

If you are graduating in 2018, here are the guidelines.  A November 2018 will be set later and announced in the Daily Eagle.

Many schools no longer accept submitted senior photos, but instead have seniors take a photo at school.  Many factors would be simplified by this method, but senior photos are more formal and personal if seniors submit their own.

We would like to continue our current method of accepting senior photos, but in order to do so, we need your help. Please use the following guidelines as you carry out the senior photo process.

  1. Pose: please submit a head and shoulders shot, NOT a full body shot NOR a face only close up.
  1. Attire: must meet the guidelines set in the school handbook for dress code. For girls this means shirts/dresses must have sleeves that cover the shoulder, and necklines should be no lower than 1” below the collarbone.  For guys, this means shirts must have sleeves, and no hats are permitted.
  1. No props: please do not include balls, rackets, trucks, pom poms, pets, etc. Just your senior and the background, either indoors or outdoors, please.
  1. No special effects—photos should be black and white or color, but please avoid watercolor, wave or other Photoshop effects.
  1. Format: you or your student may submit a printed photo to the office or to Mrs. Vander Wal OR  a digital copy may be uploaded here.
  1. You do not have to have a professionally taken photo, if you choose not to. Feel free to take a photo on your own, or even contact one of our yearbook staff to do so. But please make sure to follow the previously listed guidelines.