Dembski Departure

by Ryan Van Gilst

PC’s study skills department is saying goodbye to a beloved teacher. Jana Dembski served as study skills teacher for two years and is leaving because of priorities within her family. Dembski had a hard time making this decision, but felt it was the right time.

Dembski said the decision to leave was hard, but new treatment for her son, John, who deals with autism, would keep her away from school too often. “I would be gone often– too often to be fair to the school. For me, the decision to leave was purely a matter of lack of time. Had I more time, I would stay,” she said.

Dembski also enjoyed her time here at PC. “I have so many fond memories of the last two years.  It was always wonderful to see two of my own kids, Chloe and Will, at school. I also loved watching IM’s. It was fun to watch kids having a good time over the noon hour!” she said.