Alisha Collins- The Unexpected

I was walking down the road and saw a sign on the front of the “Breadwinners library and Bookstore” and decided to check it out, it said “Hiring now”. I got excited I love reading and the thought of working there just sounded wonderful to me so I walked in. I walked up to the front desk and this nice man asked me if I wanted to check out a book or buy one. I’m holding my book necklace it’s my favorite I always where it and I never take it off. I twist it around when I’m nervous. I said “No” He gave me a questioning look that was most definitely asking “Why are you here then?’, so I started talking “Sir, i’m here to apply for the job opening” He had a nervous shocked look on his face and said “Are you sure about this? Haven’t you heard the rumors; or anything?” I looked at him “No sir, i haven’t, what in the world are you talking about? I’m just here to apply for a job” He leaned in closer and whispered in my ear “Apparently this one kid saw something here and he freaked out, I believe his name is Laurence, He was emitted to a hospital a week ago for hallucinations they said he is crazy” I wondered to myself what Laurence Thought he saw and why haven’t I heard this rumor before. “Umm Sir, can I just apply for the job opening, I’m sure they are just rumors the kid was ill, and he just wasn’t right in the head. It was probably due to lack of sleep or something like that” He looked unsure but said “Maybe you’re right” and he handed me the application sheet. “Thank you Sir” I said in a very nice voice. I filled out the application and handed it in. He looked at it and gave me a smile. “You know your really respectful ma’am I’ll put in a good word for you, we could use more people like you”. “Well thank you sir” I said and I walked out the door.

A couple days later I get a call. “Hello is this Emilyn?” I answer “Yes it is, who is this if i may ask?” He answers “I’m the manager of Breadwinners Library and Bookstore, my name is Jason”. “Oh, hello sir” I said to him. “I am calling you to tell you you got the job” he said to me. My heart jumped “Thank you sir, that is good news to my ears” I replied to him. “You need to stop by tomorrow to get your schedule” “ok sir will do. Goodbye” “Goodbye Emilyn have a nice day” he said in a nice voice. “You too Jason” I turned off my phone and I felt like doing jumping jacks I was so excited. I GOT THE JOB!

The next day I go and get my schedule and my heart is beating fast about a million thoughts cross my mind. Well.. maybe that’s an exaggeration. I pick up my schedule and look at it. “Wow scheduled so soon. That’s exciting” “What if I get a discount on books?” The thought of that excites me, I love reading.

The next day I go to work I am scheduled for three. I see the first person walk in. “hello umm… may I buy a book?” happily I reply “Yes sir you may. What genre?” “mystery” he replies. I lead him over to the mystery section. I wonder what book he will get? He picks up a book called “The case of the missing book” by an author I don’t even know. He bought it. The book was ten dollars and ninety nine cents. He heads over to the library part of the building and reads his book. All day long people come by and buy books and check some out from the library, time goes by so fast and it’s time to close everyone walks out but I haven’t seen the first guy walk out. I look for him but he is no where but I do find his book. I bring the book up to the front surely he just forgot it and is coming back. I close up shop and head home. Lying down I replay the day and my head before everything goes dark.

Days go by and I keep seeing people leave. Everyday I notice things lying around on the floor or the couch. I got a stack of lost or forgotten items in the office storage closet no one has came to get. Maybe they just forgot.

I stock the books on the shelves and I organize everything before I close now because my partner has been on vacation for month. I feel like I basically run the place which is fine, I like my job. I walk throughout the aisles when I spot a book I’ve never seen before. It has no title or author on the front cover. I pick it up to put away but first I want to check who the author is because well I need to know where to put it dont I? I open the book there is nothing there. I flip through the pages until I get to a certain page all white with one phrase in the middle. I read it outloud “Are you ready for The unexpected”….


I walk into the store its my shift after all I want to see if Emilyn is doing okay I haven’t seen her in awhile. I was the one to help her after all, told my boss about how polite she was when she applied. I knew she would get the job. I walk down the aisles when something catches my eye, a necklace in the shape of a book. Looks like people still leave stuff everywhere. The necklace looks familiar somehow. I just can’t put my finger on why….