Marijka Michmershuizen- May’s Adventures at Camp

There once was a girl named May Migchelbrink. She had never stayed overnight anywhere except for her grandparents’ house. She had no idea what to expect, however, she wanted to go camping anyway!  She would have two people helping her. Their names were Margaret and Martha. May loved that their names started with M also.

On Monday of the week of camp, one of her BFFs, Emilia, texted her and said, “I’m going to camp that week also.”   May texted back, “Awesome! So am I. Have fun, bestie.”

Then it was time to pack for camp.  May got up, got dressed, and took a shower right away.  She decided to wear her blue shirt and maroon shorts and had an orange for breakfast. She was ready to get to camp.  Later that day, they went to find her cabin.

May didn’t know it, but the camp was by The National Lake of The Grotto, which is where pirates hung out.  Just then, a pirate gang run by Black Hawk attacked the camp.  Everyone ran, even May.  They were scared for their lives.  Everyone had heard what Black Hawk did to his captives.  He killed them but not just by slitting their throats. No, he wanted his victims to really suffer.  What he did was so gruesome that I can’t even tell you what it was.

Black Hawk captured the camp and took them to his pirate ship. After about a month of living with Black Hawk, May realized that if she was going to rescue the camp she would have to get everyone in the camp to band together.  If they worked together, they might have at least a small chance of defeating the pirates. With her plan in place, she started to rally her troops. After she convinced everyone to help her, she went to found Black Hawk to discuss having a meeting between the captives and the pirates. If she had been telling the truth, however, she would have said that it was actually a highly secretive raid on the band of pirates who were keeping them hostage.  She asked Black Hawk and his men to leave their weapons behind. Black Hawk thought this was a reasonable request and told his men to do it.

May left to discuss her plan with the rest of the captives.  Meanwhile, the only pirates who had been nice to the captives were trying to convince their captain in an undetected way to let the captives go.  Second Hand Zach said, “We really don’t have any need for these worthless captives. The way I see it, we should just let them go with a warning about not talking about this adventure that almost got them killed.”  

“I agree, we should do that.  We have no reason to keep them any longer,” replied co-pilot Nikc.

 “ I see your’ points,” said Black Hawk.  “I have, however, been notified by Blond Beard that you two have been communicating with the captives.  Do you know how long it took us to get them so scared? Now, The smart thing is to go and yell at them before I throw you both off this ship! Do you understand me?!”  

“YYyyyyes ssir, rright away ssir.” They began talking very quietly to their new friends.  They told them exactly where they needed to go to escape and when the captives ${ac8bf068-7ea7-bcce-db56-9bc5a1b4e894} do it.

“ Get up around 4:30 A.M. if you want to be free from Black Hawk’s control. “ Get up around 4:30 A.M. Go exactly forty paces to the left, then you go seventeen paces to the right and you will come to a group of three houses. The middle one is empty; you can stay there as long as you want to,”  Zach said.

“Thank you so much, Zach. You and Nikolaos have been so nice to us,” said May. “We really appreciate it.  As a thank-you for helping us, we want to take you and Nic with us when we escape. What do you think, Nic? Want to come on the adventure of a lifetime?’ May asked. “We’ll discuss it and get back to you,”  replied Nic.

About a week later as May and the rest of the captives were getting ready to leave, Nic and Zack came and accepted their offer.  

They planned their escape after that. However, just as they got to the edge of the ship Black Hawk caught them. As it turned out, he was sleepwalking so they were able to escape and followed the pirates to the house where they could stay.

A year later, May got a text from a Nick  ¨How are you doing, May?” asked Nic

“Oh ya know, good.” said May. “I miss seeing you two every day though,”  she said.

“We miss you, too. That is why we were thinking that we could come to visit you,¨  Nic replied.

“That’s an awesome idea!” May exclaimed. “When will you be coming?” she asked.

“We were wondering if you were busy on the 23rd of April,” he replied.  

¨That is my birthday but you could come and celebrate with my family and me,” she typed first slowly, then a little faster.  She was getting more and more excited about her birthday. On her birthday she was jumping up and down. She was so excited that she would that she would get to see her friends again!  It felt like forever before her friends got to her house to celebrate her birthday with the rest of her friends and family. They finally arrived and had an awesome time!