Senior photo specs

Dear Seniors and Parents:

 With the convenience of digital photography has come some challenges!  While seniors used to submit wallet-sized photos for yearbook and class composites, we now often manage over 100 emails concerning digital photos. Dress code issues have also at times been a problem.  A number of schools both locally and nationwide no longer accept submitted senior photos, but instead use seniors photos that have been taken along with the rest of the student body on school picture day.

If we are to continue our current method of accepting senior photos, we need your help!  Please use the following guidelines as you carry out the senior photo process:

  1. Pose:  please submit a head and shoulders shot, NOT a full body shot NOR a face only close up.
  2. Attire:  must meet the guidelines set in the school handbook for dress code

For girls this means shirts/dresses must have sleeves (NO shoulder cutouts will be accepted), and necklines should be no lower than a handbreadth below the neckline.

For guys, this means shirts must have sleeves, and no hats are permitted.

(for more dress code details, see pages 19-20 of the PCHS Handbook found here:  )

  1. No props: please do not include balls, rackets, trucks, pom poms, pets, etc.  Just your senior and the background, either indoors or outdoors, please.
  2. No special effects—photos should be black and white or color, but please avoid watercolor, wave or other Photoshop effects.
  3. Format:  you or your student may submit a printed photo or email a digital copy to  PHOTO FILE SIZES MUST BE AT LEAST 2X3 AT 300 DPI.  If you do not know how to check this, see instructions at the bottom of this document.
  4. Deadline:  please submit your photo by Thursday, November 19, 2020.
  5. You do not have to have a professionally taken photo, if you choose not to.  Feel free to take a photo on your own, or even contact one of our yearbook staff or Mrs. Haveman to do so.  You also do not have to order any prints of your own that meet these guidelines.  Photographers can just send us a digital copy. 

Your cooperation in this will help us to get yearbook pages submitted in a timely manner, assuring that your 2020-21 yearbook will arrive as early as possible .  We will NOT confirm every photo we receive. If we are missing a photo from you, or if your photo does not meet the guidelines listed above, THEN we will let you know.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks for your help!

Sheri Haveman

PCHS publications adviser

Checking digital photo file size:

  1. Open the photo in Preview.  Under “Tools” select “Adjust Size.”
  2. If the resolution says anything other than 300, make sure the “resample image” found under the resolution box is NOT checked and type “300” in the resolution box.
  3. If the width or height setting now read lower than 2 X 3 inches, your file is too small.  If the width and height are LARGER than 2 X 3, that is ok. We can work with photos that are too large, but not with photos that are too small.